Some pics of trips with Armidale Bushwalkers.



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Report on walk from Point lookout rd to Yaraandoo via Bullock Creek and Serpentine –

Serpentine River. 27th feb 2005

Prologue. I have tried on two other occasions to get to the junction of Barwick and serpentine, this will be the third.

This walk was not for the faint hearted, it was both very strenuous and challenging for the body and map reading skills.

The walk started at the lower car park at Yaraandoo and straight away the seven of us plunged into the scrub and walked down to the "wetlands" area near the pumping station on Bullock creek. Then downstream on Bullock creek to the junction of Bullock and Serpentine rivers.

Someone commented on the fact that river walking has a very sad but truism that "the other side of the river always looks the easiest," well we were to find out that neither side is easy. This short "walk" to the junction was less than 1k but took about 1 hour.

We continued along the Serpentine crossing the river a couple of times thinking that "the other side of the river always looks the easiest," Sometimes the going was almost easy crossing flat basalt and granite rock. We continued for about 2-3 hours occasionally having to go up over ridges but keeping as close to the river as possible.

The scenery was awe-inspiring with many rapids, small gorges and waterfalls. We stopped for lunch at a spot that was truly beautiful, near huge granite rocks with a waterfall going into a small gorge.

As it was about 12.15 we decided instead of trying to get to our destination of the junction of Serpentine and Barwick (on the map this is called Back creek) we would get away from the river and go north west and try to cut an old logging track. After checking our map and getting a good bearing we headed of up a very steep climb through scrub and rocks until we got to the highest point we then took another compass bearing and after about ˝ an hour we cut the logging track and followed this for about 3 k. We were at this point about 1k downstream from the Trout hatchery on the Serpentine. We decided we would follow the river downstream back to Yaraandoo, after some heavy going through tea-tree scrub we heard a waterfall, we came out at the top of a waterfall which had a fall of at least 30-40 metres. On checking the map this waterfall is not named and considering the terrain very few people have ever seen it.

We then, after crossing the river again, followed the river for a time then went cross country approx north-west till we cut the power lines that run past Yaraandoo, we followed these back to Yaraandoo for a very welcome coffee and smoothies and to lick our many cuts, bruises and scratches. I suppose we covered no more than 10k on our six and a half hour walk

Epilouge. Well I still haven’t made it to the junction of Serpentine and Barwick maybe next time I wont try following the river, just go cross country straight to the junction, but this might be too easy!


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