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Animals of Cathedral Rock National Park

From the Atlas of Australian Wildlife  NPWS home)  Your selection: Fauna, Reserve - Cathedral Rock National Park returned a total of 854 records of 152 species.
Report generated on 24/03/2007 - 15:44 (Data valid to 19/03/2007)
Litoria subglandulosa                    Glandular Frog                             V 1           
Litoria verreauxii                           Verreaux's Tree Frog                    P  8         
 Crinia parinsignifera                     Eastern Sign-bearing Froglet         P  3         
Crinia signifera                                Eastern Froglet                              P  20       
Limnodynastes dumerilii                Bullfrog                                        P  3         
Limnodynastes peronii                  Striped Marsh Frog                      P  4         
Limnodynastes tasmaniensis          Spotted Marsh Frog                    P  3         
Uperoleia laevigata                       Smooth Toadlet                               P  5         
Uperoleia marmorata                    Marbled Toadlet                           P  1         
Acanthiza chrysorrhoa                  Yellow-rumped Thornbill              P  3         
Acanthiza lineata                           Striated Thornbill                          P  13       
Acanthiza nana                             Yellow Thornbill                           P  3         
Acanthiza pusilla                           Brown Thornbill                            P  11       
Acanthiza reguloides                     Buff-rumped Thornbill                   P  7         
Gerygone olivacea                        White-throated Gerygone             P  4         
Sericornis frontalis                        White-browed Scrubwren            P  11       
Accipiter cirrocephalus                 Collared Sparrowhawk                 P  2         
Accipiter fasciatus                         Brown Goshawk                          P  2         
Aquila audax                                Wedge-tailed Eagle                      P  10       
Haliastur sphenurus                       Whistling Kite                               P  1         
Hieraaetus morphnoides                Little Eagle                                   P  1         
Aegotheles cristatus                      Australian Owlet-nightjar              P  3         
Chenonetta jubata                         Australian Wood Duck                 P  4         
Hirundapus caudacutus                 White-throated Needletail             P  6         
Artamus cyanopterus                    Dusky Woodswallow                   P  1         
Cracticus nigrogularis                    Pied Butcherbird                           P  1         
Cracticus torquatus                       Grey Butcherbird                          P  8         
Gymnorhina tibicen                       Australian Magpie                         P  20       
Strepera graculina                         Pied Currawong                           P  18       
Calyptorhynchus funereus             Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo     P  14       
Coracina novaehollandiae             Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike          P  6         
Coracina tenuirostris                     Cicadabird                                   P  5         
Lalage leucomela                          Varied Triller                                P  1         
Centropus phasianinus                  Pheasant Coucal                           P  1         
Vanellus miles                               Masked Lapwing                          P  1         
Climacteris affinis                          White-browed Treecreeper          P  1         
Climacteris erythrops                    Red-browed Treecreeper             P  11       
Climacteris picumnus                    Brown Treecreeper                      V 1         
Cormobates leucophaeus              White-throated Treecreeper          P  24       
Eurystomus orientalis                    Dollarbird                                     P  2         
Corcorax melanorhamphos           White-winged Chough                  P  2         
Corvus coronoides                       Australian Raven                           P  3         
Corvus orru                                  Torresian Crow                            P  1         
Corvus tasmanicus                        Forest Raven                                P  16       
Cacomantis flabelliformis               Fan-tailed Cuckoo                        P  4         
Cacomantis variolosus                  Brush Cuckoo                              P  1         
Chalcites basalis                           Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo           P  1         
Chalcites lucidus                           Shining Bronze-Cuckoo                P  1         
Cuculus pallidus                            Pallid Cuckoo                               P  2         
Scythrops novaehollandiae            Channel-billed Cuckoo                 P  1         
Dicaeum hirundinaceum                Mistletoebird                                P  6         
Myiagra cyanoleuca                      Satin Flycatcher                            P  8         
Myiagra inquieta                           Restless Flycatcher                       P  2         
Rhipidura albiscapa                       Grey Fantail                                  P  20       
Rhipidura leucophrys                    Willie Wagtail                               P  4         
Rhipidura rufifrons                        Rufous Fantail                               P  1         
Neochmia temporalis                    Red-browed Finch                       P  6         
Stagonopleura guttata                   Diamond Firetail                           V 2           
Cinclosoma punctatum                  Spotted Quail-thrush                     P  2         
Falco cenchroides                         Nankeen Kestrel                          P  5         
Falco peregrinus                           Peregrine Falcon                           P  1         
Dacelo novaeguineae                    Laughing Kookaburra                   P  16       
Todiramphus sanctus                    Sacred Kingfisher                         P  1         
Hirundo neoxena                          Welcome Swallow                        P  6         
Petrochelidon nigricans                 Tree Martin                                  P  1         
Malurus cyaneus                           Superb Fairy-wren                       P  13       
Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris         Eastern Spinebill                           P  13       
Anthochaera carunculata               Red Wattlebird                             P  18       
Anthochaera chrysoptera              Little Wattlebird                            P  1         
Lichenostomus chrysops               Yellow-faced Honeyeater             P  11       
Lichenostomus fuscus                   Fuscous Honeyeater                     P  2         
Lichenostomus leucotis                 White-eared Honeyeater               P  16       
Manorina melanocephala              Noisy Miner                                 P  1         
Meliphaga lewinii                          Lewin's Honeyeater                      P  3         
Melithreptus brevirostris                Brown-headed Honeyeater           P  1         
Melithreptus lunatus                      White-naped Honeyeater              P  5         
Myzomela sanguinolenta               Scarlet Honeyeater                       P  1         
Philemon corniculatus                    Noisy Friarbird                             P  7         
Phylidonyris novaehollandiae         New Holland Honeyeater             P  18       
Plectorhyncha lanceolata               Striped Honeyeater                       P  2         
Menura novaehollandiae               Superb Lyrebird                           P  6         
Merops ornatus                            Rainbow Bee-eater                       P  2         
Zoothera lunulata                          Bassian Thrush                             P  1         
Zoothera sp.                                 unidentified ground thrush              P  1         
Daphoenositta chrysoptera            Varied Sittella                               P  5         
Oriolus sagittatus                          Olive-backed Oriole                     P  2         
Colluricincla harmonica                 Grey Shrike-thrush                       P  20       
Falcunculus frontatus                     Eastern Shrike-tit                          P  1         
Pachycephala pectoralis                Golden Whistler                            P  3         
Pachycephala rufiventris                Rufous Whistler                            P  8         
Pardalotus punctatus                     Spotted Pardalote                         P  15       
Pardalotus striatus                         Striated Pardalote                         P  9         
Eopsaltria australis                        Eastern Yellow Robin                   P  7         
Microeca fascinans                       Jacky Winter                                P  1         
Petroica boodang                         Scarlet Robin                                P  12       
Petroica phoenicea                       Flame Robin                                 P  12       
Podargus strigoides                       Tawny Frogmouth                        P  5         
Alisterus scapularis                       Australian King-Parrot                  P  4         
Glossopsitta concinna                   Musk Lorikeet                              P  1         
Glossopsitta pusilla                       Little Lorikeet                               P  3         
Neophema pulchella                     Turquoise Parrot                           V 1           
Platycercus adscitus eximius          Eastern Rosella                             P  7         
Platycercus elegans                       Crimson Rosella                           P  23       
Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus        Scaly-breasted Lorikeet                P  3         
Trichoglossus haematodus             Rainbow Lorikeet                         P  5         
Ptilonorhynchus violaceus              Satin Bowerbird                           P  1         
Ninox boobook                            Southern Boobook                       P  11       
Ninox strenua                               Powerful Owl                               V 1           
 Threskiornis spinicollis                 Straw-necked Ibis                        P  1         
Tyto alba                                      Barn Owl                                     P  1         
 Zosterops lateralis                        Silvereye                                      P  5         
Cercartetus nanus                         Eastern Pygmy-possum                 V 2           
 Canis lupus*                                Dingo, domestic dog                     U 5         
Vulpes vulpes*                             Fox                                              U 7         
 Antechinus sp.                             Unidentified Antechinus                 P  9         
Antechinus stuartii                         Brown Antechinus                        P  2         
Planigale sp 1                               undescribed Planigale                    P  3         
Lepus capensis*                           Brown Hare                                 U 1         
Oryctolagus cuniculus*                 Rabbit                                          U 1         
Macropus giganteus                      Eastern Grey Kangaroo                P  16       
Macropus robustus                         Wallaroo                                    P  3         
Macropus rufogriseus                   Red-necked Wallaby                    P  9         
Wallabia bicolor                           Swamp Wallaby                           P  10       
Tadarida australis                          White-striped Freetail-bat             P  2         
Rattus fuscipes                              Bush Rat                                      P  1         
Rattus sp.                                     rat                                                P  1         
 Perameles nasuta                         Long-nosed Bandicoot                 P  1         
 Petaurus breviceps                       Sugar Glider                                 P  9         
Trichosurus caninus                       Mountain Brushtail Possum           P  1         
Trichosurus sp.                             Brushtail possum                           P  4         
Trichosurus vulpecula                      Brushtail Possum                        P  3         
Petauroides volans                        Greater Glider                              P  9         
Pseudocheirus peregrinus                Ringtail Possum                          P  6         
Sus scrofa*                                  Pig                                               U 3         
 Chalinolobus morio                      Chocolate Wattled Bat                 P  2         
Vespadelus darlingtoni                  Large Forest Bat                          P  6         
Vespadelus regulus                       Southern Forest Bat                      P  1         
Map                                                                                                                  Status
Amphibolurus muricatus                Jacky Lashtail                               P  4         
 Austrelaps ramsayi                       Highlands Copperhead                 P  2         
Drysdalia coronoides                    White-lipped Snake                      P  2         
Acritoscincus platynota                 Red-throated Cool-skink              P  11       
Ctenotus taeniolatus                      Copper-tailed Ctenotus                P  1         
 Egernia cunninghami                     Cunningham's Spiny-tailed Skink   P  5         
Egernia whitii                                White's Rock-skink                      P  17       
Eulamprus heatwolei                     Warm-temperate Water-skink      P  2         
Eulamprus kosciuskoi                   Alpine Meadow-skink                  P  13       
Eulamprus quoyii                          Eastern Water-skink                     P  2         
Eulamprus sp.                               Unidentified Eulamprus                 P  2         
Lampropholis delicata                   Dark-flecked Garden Sunskink     P  4         
Lampropholis guichenoti               Pale-flecked Garden Sunskink      P  12       
Saiphos equalis                             Yellow-bellied Three-toed Skink  P  11       
Saproscincus mustelinus                Weasel Shadeskink                      P  3         
DISCLAIMER: The Atlas of New South Wales Wildlife contains data from a number of sources including government agencies, non-government organisations and private individuals. These data are only indicative and cannot be considered a comprehensive inventory, and may contain errors and omissions. Find out more about the Atlas.
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