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A tribute to Dorothy Butler - click here

The Bushwalker magazine

Armidale Bushwalking Club was formed in late 2004. We have about 50 members, and run walks about once a fortnight. Usually there’s one or two day trips, and a more challenging backpack every month.  The club also brings people together to organise their own trips, from an afternoon stroll to extended overseas backpacks. 

We are developing a loose association between the five clubs surrounding the Guy Fawkes river- a kind of “Fawkes Fraternity”.  We share programs, ideas and trips.

We have some great parks to walk in New England, Guy Fawkes River, Cathedral Rock, Oxley Wild Rivers, Gibraltar Range, Chaelundi.  In all there

26 national Parks and reserves in the New England area.

An extensive range of walks

It’s a good place to get started in bushwalking. You can borrow gear from the club’s store, find out about great places to walk, share costs and ideas, and especially walk safely with some very experienced people. Membership gives you access to walks with all of the NSW Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs, and excellent Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance.   

            Hope to see you on the track. Joc Coventry President.

You too can lead a walk


Armidale Bushwalking Club Inc is a Member of the
Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs NSW and supports the Bushwalkers' Code and the Natural Areas Policy  

 Since January 17th 2007

 Insurance has gone DOWN 40c per member, with a greater coverage ( eg rock-scurrying) over the last 2 years.  It works out at $14.25 per member, to cover Public Liability, Personal Accident and Confederation affiliation.
The list of activities covered will be clearly stated in the definition of the Insureds “Business” on the Policy Schedule and will include Bushwalking,Track/Hut Construction and Maintenance, Caving, Canyoning, Liloing, Abseiling, Alpine Walking (summer & winter), Skiing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Boating, Rafting, Swimming, Cycling, Rock Scurrying and use of hand held ropes as part of a Bushwalk, Orienteering, Rogaining, Leader Training and other related instructions where no fee is charged other than to recoup expenses (Errors & Omissions), Voluntary Work for various Charities and not for profit organisations. 
The activities which are not covered under the Liability Policy include Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Water Skiing, and Animal Riding
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